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Pet: – GABBY
Age: 17 years & 2 months (DOB 23.9.1999)
Type: DSH Black & White
Date: 16.12.2016


Her owners abandoned Gabby when she was about 6 months old. I managed to rehome her as I already had 3 cats of my own but on learning that the home she went to was not the right home for her I quickly got her back. She never left after that. Always a loner, she never bothered with my other cats but loved a cuddle and her heated bed in the winter. She was a sweet gentle little girl.

Expect for a thyroid problem that we were successfully treating she had no other health issues until September last year. Gabby developed a small cancer next to her nose that didn’t seem to bother her & because she had turned 17 I made the decision not to put her through any treatment but to keep her pain free for as long as she was happy & had quality of life. In December her breathing became compromised & she went down rapidly.

On 16th December Gabby went to join Neko, Chintzee & Ichi at the Rainbow Bridge

Meet you at The Rainbow Bridge my little “My Little Gab-Gab”

Pet: – ICHI (one in Japanese)
Age: 14 years & 4 months (DOB 23.3.2000)
Type: Tabby Long Haired Cat
Date: 14.8.2014


Ichi was abandoned along with 5 littermates when they were about 10 days old. I hand raised and rehomed all the littermates but Ichi stayed with me making him my second hand raised kitten (see dedication 2.6.2012 NEKO).

He grew into the most beautiful cat; he was so gentle, a lover not a fighter. Unraveling the whole roll of toilet paper, if he had the chance, would make a very special pastime for Ichi. He loved to sleep stretched out on his back especially in front of the fire in the winter.

Diagnosed with diabetes 14.7 2011  he had an insulin injection every night. 18th October 2013 Ichi’s vet discovered a growth in his mouth that turned out to be a carcinoma. Further test results gave a prognosis of 1 to 2 weeks to live. I was devastated, having lost Chintzee (see dedication 30-9- 2013) 18 days earlier.

For months Ichi continued to eat and sleep as normal, he seemed pain free but sadly on 14th August 2014 he took at turn for the worst. Once again I had to have the Vet come to my home to save another of my fur babies from suffering. 10 months from diagnoses Ichi went to his eternal rest.

Jo, Ichi’s Vet showed so much compassion to both of us, she knew just how much he meant to me. She was so gentle and kind to Ichi making sure he was stress free.  Ichi is now at the Rainbow Bridge with Neko & Chintzee.

Meet you at The Rainbow Bridge my little “Mr Ich-a-Chung”

Age: 18 years
Type: Persian – smoke
Date: 30th September 2013


I bought Chintzee from a local breeder when she was 10 weeks old, the only kitten I have ever bought (the others I have acquired) and she settled in right away. It did however take Tango (male chinchilla) a little while to adjust to having a kitten around.I thought she was special, she knew she was. Chintzee was precious from day 1.

She enjoyed a healthy carefree life until about 6 years ago when she was diagnosed with spinal arthritis, and she remained on medication for the rest of her life. I thoroughly spoilt her, she deserved it and it gave me so much pleasure to do so.

Sadly towards the end of September 2013 Chintzee’s quality of life diminished and she became exhausted. Our Vet came to our home and Chintzee went to her eternal rest one day before her 18th Birthday. There is now another bright star in the night sky.

Meet you at The Rainbow Bridge my little “Chintzee chun”

Pet: William

Date: 15.3.2005 – 30.12.2012


William and his best mate Alec are the Baldwin Brothers. They started out life pretty tough – abandoned on a roadside, covered in mange and ringworm.  They spent many months at STAH recovering from their conditions.  We became their foster family in October 2005.  In the next months we grew to love them so much that they just couldn’t leave.

William was our Prince Willy, our Willy Woo. our Big Willy.  He was the soft, quiet, sensitive one of the duo. He loved to lounge around, go for walks by the river, sit by the open fire in winter, and of course eat food.  He would tell us when he was hungry with a loud “woo, woo,woo”   He loved Schmackos, raw beans, rice crackers and BBQ chicken.  When his meal was ready he would do a 360 degree spin in excitement.  There was nothing like a full tummy to make him happy.

Our family was devastated when William was diagnosed with skull osteosarcoma in August this year.  We spent the next 5 months doing the best we could to save him.  Weekly visits to a Brisbane specialist for treatment (surgery, radiation, chemotherapy) followed by more chemo locally.  We celebrated his 4 month anniversary of the tumor removal on 16th December but our happiness was short lived.  He suffered a seizure just after Christmas and never recovered, killed by brain damage due to the radiation treatment, a rare side effect.

William will always be our hero.  He went through so much and gave so much.  Everyone who knew him loved him.

Sleep softly sweet William

Pet: Khoda
Type: Great Dane

Date: 2012


Khoda, our beautiful Great Dane was a one in a million dog.

Every now and then I believe and animal finds you – not the other way around, and that animal was meant to be part of your life forever.

Khoda was that animal. He was the perfect fit for our small family (even at almost 70kgs) and although he had a rough start to his life, he soon discovered what real love and devotion meant when he came to live with us.

We miss you Khoda, not a day goes by you are not in our thoughts.

We hope we enriched your life even half as much as you did ours.

Rest in peace, we will always love and miss you xox

Pet: Maneki Neko – (Japanese Fortune Cat)
Age: 14 years, 1 month
Type: Domestic short hair, Tabby & White
Date: 2 June 2012


Neko was my first hand reared kitten. Steve found Neko in our back garden 14 years ago, he was only about 10 days old. His eyes newly opened and his ears still flat on his head.

He has had an eventful life, survived being bitten by a King Brown snake, and had 20 sutures in his thigh from an unknown encounter, a dislocated hip, also a dislocated tail.

Six months ago a feral cat came into our yard and attacked Neko leaving him badly bitten, scratched and with a dislocated tail.

Neko’s health seemed to be fragile after that. He recovered from all injuries apart from his dislocated tail, which seemed to be more pronounced as time went on.

On the 2nd June we rushed Neko to our Vet – diagnosis: aortic thromboembolism; treatment: euthanasia. He was in severe pain so I asked for him to receive pain relief first; I wanted him to be calm before his eternal rest.

My grandchildren now look for the brightest star in the night sky, for this is Neko who is in Pussy Cat heaven. I have many treasured memories.

Meet you at the Rainbow Bridge my “Neky Chan”

Pet: Lucy Loo Laurie
Type: Maltese cross Silky
Date: 30 April 2012


Lucy has been ageing and could hardly see but never stopped wagging her tail because she knew she was loved. I wanted Lucy to die of old age in her sleep but since March 15th, she stopped eating her food and could only drink water if I took her to the bowl. I have not left her side these past 5 days helping her walk on the grass and drink but Lucy was getting weaker by the day and her body was frail with her back legs giving way when she walked. This was the hardest and most painful decision I have ever had to make in my life and never thought it would be like this. I had to find the courage to do what was right for Lucy and (not for me) as I did not want to see her starve to death and be in anymore pain. I had to put to sleep my best friend of almost 17 years, who has always been there to make me happy 24/7 and never left my side. The tears are hard to hold back when I think of her. She was loved by me and everyone that knew Lucy and her spirit, loved her too! She was always the little puppy in our home and boss of all the other dogs.

She is in Doggie Heaven now and will never be forgotten. It was hard to let her go and feel her die in my arms. I know she rests now with her pink ball, which was one of her many toys over the years that she threw around the room for attention. I remember how she use to open her presents wrapped in tissue paper and run to the door to greet people she loved with her little wagging tail. Lucy had such a way of showing love!

The pain is so great not to see her at home lying in her basket and Desi is also feeling the pain of her loss. I have her pink collar and some of her hair and now waiting for her ashes to come home. I can’t forget her and the LOVE she gave these past 17 years. Words can’t describe how my heart aches so much without her in my life. Lucy has left her old body behind but her spirit will never


Age: 13 years
Type: Blue Healer/Border Collie/Labador Cross
Date: 13 Jan 2012


“Our black and white with warm brown eyes
Survived against all odds
To complete our family, by The Grace of God
She was loved and she was cherished
Faithful, Smart and Strong
Through the years, now through the tears
We loved our Molly dog”

*Lyric Excerpt from “Molly’s Song” (Jane E. Robertson © 2011)



Molly Blessed our lives from 8 weeks old until she passed from lymphoma at 13 years. She was a strong-willed fighter for life from birth. Molly was an equal member of our family and losing her has been devastating. She will always be “our precious girl” and we will carry her in our hearts forever.

“Until we meet again – may your ears flap in the winds of heaven”.

Pet: Pixie
Age: 11mths
Type: Eastern Grey Kangaroo
Date: 16 Nov 2004

You came into my life 6mths ago. You hardly had any fur, but you were the cutest little thing I’d ever seen. You were such a joy to care for, you loved your cuddles, you loved your milk and you loved your sunshine. You made friends with Anna (R.I.P), Bonnie (R.I.P) and Clyde (R.I.P) and enjoyed hopping around the yard with them. I loved your innocent and sweet baby face and your cuddles. Now that you are gone, I miss you terribly, but I know that you are now at peace, no pain and hopping around in the sunshine that you loved so much. It was an honour to have cared for you and I’m thankful for the short time we had together. I love you and miss you.

Age: 13
Date: 10 Jul 2004

Dear Sashy, we just want to say how much we love you and miss running around the yard with you, it just doesnt seem the same to not have you peering through the back door waiting for us to come and play or just spend some time with you.You will be impossible to replace with your beautiful and loving personality. We all love and miss you Sashy.

Age: both 9 years
Date: 25 Feb 2004


Photo supplied by Wendy and Hamish Hanssler  This is a photo of our dearly loved babies who have now gone to heaven. Chieftain (left) was the man of the family but was also very loving, loyal and a rogue if he felt like it untill he passed away from a heart attack on 18th September 2002. Misty was always gentle and loving but took over Chieftain`s role when he left us. In her last year we moved to a farmlet and she loved her life out of town, had her own dam to swim in which she loved until she passed away 10th February 2004 from a black snake bite. It broke our hearts to loose them but we have this photo, their ashes and many cherished memories.

Date: 13 Dec 2003

To me Bronson was a wonderful and an enjoyable dog to play with. Every morning when i woke up i was excited to play with my new puppie Bronson. When we first got Bronson he kept on biting me because he thought i was his new little toy but then he started chasing me and we started playing tug-a-war. Bronson didn’t really like playing because most of the time he was sleeping but Bronson will still be in my heart until the day i die! I miss him very much.

Date: 16 Nov 2003


We picked up Bronson in july 03 after we lost our beautiful dog duke. He was such a joy to to us he was only 6 months old when he was cruelly taken from us. I cant understand why this innocent loving little man as we called him was taken from us. he allowed us the love and joy we lost from duke. They say there is a god I am finding this hard to believe at this moment 4 months thats all we had with him but they were great 4 months. We loved him so much and we deserved a lot longer life with him.we are absolutely devastated words cant describe the hurt & pain we are feeling. Bronson was such a rascal he got into all sorts of things, made mess, chewed things, but how we loved him, tara our other bullmastiff had pined for duke when he died. Bronson bought new love and companionship to her life she was learning to trust life again,now she is pining for Bronson. His love and trust was so unconditional but we could not save him.i know he is with duke who will watch and take him of him for us we love you Bronson forever in our hearts.

Age: 11 years & 7 months
Type: Cat – Black
Date: 10.12.2006 – 10.07.2018


Abby’s previous owners moved to Queensland & left her behind to fend for herself. She came into my care as my first charge as cat care co-ordinator for RSPCA 10 years ago. Because she was so shy & withdraw people found her hard to warm to & it took some time for me to gain her trust. I couldn’t betray this trust once established so she found her forever home with me. Abby became my most affectionate cat, first to jump onto my lap for a cuddle with both arms around my neck. Never a sick day in 10 years & I thought she would live a long happy life but in the beginning of July this year she started to lose weight & was diagnosed with FELV. We tried blood transfusions but nothing seemed to help, this was a battle she couldn’t win.

On the 10th July 2018 Abby went to join Neko, Chintzee, Ichi & Gabby at The Rainbow Bridge.


Age: 16 weeks
Type: Tabby
Date: 28.09.2017 – 31.01.2018


I rescued Rafiki from death row 1 week before Christmas 2017. He was picked up by the Ranger & taken to a Vet clinic to be euthanised as he was not microchipped. I took him along with a mother cat & her 5 kittens with the plan of finding them all their forever happy homes. Rafiki was about 10 weeks old & a very different little kitten, very withdrawn & frightened. He never took any interest in the other kittens & his food had to be under his nose before he recognised it. I thought he maybe had brain damage, after a couple of weeks he did start slowly to interact with the other kittens & after the kittens were rehomed he became very dependant on the mother cat who took him on as replacement for her own kittens, all happy. It was soon established that Rafiki couldn’t be rehomed without mother cat who we now called Akemi. Resigned to this fact we now had 2 extra to add to our clan.

Soon after Rafiki developed a sore back leg which I put down to a bit of robust climbing but the next day he became paralysed in both of his back legs. He’s rushed trip to our vet ended tragically with him being euthanised at only 16 weeks of age.


Age: 15 years & 3 months
Type: Tabby
Date: 01.09.2003 – 21.12.2018


Boyfriend chose to live with us about 11 years ago because he was madly in love with my female (desexed) Gabby – see dedication 16.12.2016

He came from a feral background sporting many scars from fighting but soon adopted a domestic life style once he knew he had been accepted into our household.

Boyfriend grew to be a large, loving & very loyal cat.

We christened him “Mr Meet & Greet” because the minute someone walked through our gate, he was there for some attention demanding pats of affection. He seemed to somehow sense their grief. I work from home (Pet Crematorium) so many clients that come through my gate are grieving the loss of their beloved pet. Frequently I’m told that Boyfriend’s greeting meant a lot. One time in particular stands out, a young girl with her Mum had brought their beloved little dog for cremation & the girl was inconsolable. Boyfriend laid across her feet & within minutes the little girl was on the floor with Boyfriend cuddling up to her, she was no longer crying.

Unfortunately, Boyfriends feral days caught up with him, in December 2018 he developed an infection that despite all the vet’s efforts he couldn’t fight. Sadly, on 21st December 2018 Boyfriend went to join Neko, Chintzee, Ichi, Gabby, Rafiki & Abby at “The Rainbow Bridge”, he will be sorely missed.


  You are in a good hands....